Sunday, February 23, 2014

TX Factor - new online 'TV' amateur show

I'm always a bit apprehensive when I hear there's going to be a new amateur radio podcast. There have been some very good ones and some very bad ones! Just because someone is a keen radio amateur, doesn't necessarily make them a good broadcaster on the subject!

The 'TX Factor' (corny name, but hey...) boded well. The presenters are all professional broadcasters. Bob, G0FGX is someone that I have come across on air a couple of times recently and he's an engaging and interesting guy with plenty of broadcast experience. Mike G1IAR and Nick 2E0FGQ both have impressive CVs. Mike looks to have a particularly interesting job, mastering recording sessions for some big names.

I had a chance to catch up with the first TX Factor show yesterday. It's well produced, engaging and inspires you to want to have a go. I really recommend you take a look.

I love Cornwall and it was interesting to see the Poldhu segment. I was glad to see that Bob addressed the question of whether Marconi's 'S' signal really did get heard in Newfoundland! The SOTA activation was very nicely demonstrated by Tom M1EYP and  it was good to see Mike G1IAR visit the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Devon. Great stuff.

Well done and I'm looking forward to seeing more shows. They must take quite a bit of production - well done to the team.

Find the TX Factor's website here


Anonymous said...

Just watched it. Yes, production seems really good. Hope they can keep up with the time/cost thing. Good to see UK doing some quality ham show, rather than a kid on a phone putting up a charlie bravo aerial.

AK2MA said...

I saw it as well and liked it! Appeared professoinally done and I'm following them now on YouTube. I'm also looking forward to seeing future shows.

Anonymous said...

Really nicely produced, I look forward to future releases, congratulations on this new venture. All the best, Chris Wilson 2E0ILY in Shropshire.


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