Saturday, January 04, 2014

What to do when WSJT tells you 'invalid number of channels'

My excursion onto JT6M last night was a bit fraught, although ultimately very worthwhile and enjoyable. When I fired up WSJT, it errored - saying invalid number of channels.

I realised it was probably something to do with the fact that I had installed the VB-Cable audio driver onto the PC to route audio from the FCD to other applications. No worries, it's just a simple case of adjusting the various device numbers.

Except that it wasn't. Everything I tried still came up with the same error. WSJT-X was still working ok as was PZTLog, so I knew there wasn't anything wrong with the interface or cabling. I disabled the VB-Cable driver, which put device numbers back where they originally were.No.

Starting to doubt my sanity which has been in question recently, anyway, I Googled it, realising that it was one of those times when the error was not what it seemed to be.

Fortunately I found this thread - thank you N0RQ! It looks like this can happen when you add or remove audio devices on your machine.

Deleted the WSJT.INI file, restarted WSJT, which of course creates a new INI file - entered my defaults and all was well!

A frustrating hour, but easily fixed once you know...

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g4fre said...

wsjt has a long history of not liking people messing around by adding/deleting audio devices after install. Deleting the .ini has long been recommended as the fix. Its not just windows, same issue has been seen in ubuntu.


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