Thursday, April 11, 2013

JT9 first impressions

Since the breakthrough last week in getting WSJT-X to work by switching the output audio device to 'Direct-X' I have been quite active on the mode, mostly on 14MHz. Incidentally, it appears that the 'Direct-X' isn't necessary for all systems. Dave G4FRE reported that it worked fine without for him - I'm guessing it is something specific to my configuration.

Results so far have been good and I have been amazed to receive reports from the other side of the world at the 5W power level or less. Last night, was a nice example - as I worked K0KC and W8BB at around 2130z, it was great to get a report from VK2AJF via the PSK Reporter website.

The new WSJT-X release has a pleasing interface - I like the way Band Activity is split out from the details of the QSO you are having.

This is a good mode and overtime I can see activity switching from JT65 to JT9-1.

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Julian Moss said...

I agree with your last sentence but not everyone would.

By the way, WSJT-X worked perfectly on my computer without selecting DirectX.

Julian, G4ILO


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