Monday, November 12, 2012

7MHz WSPR - 12th November

I ran the 1W WSPR system on 7MHz for a few hours this evening after 28MHz had dried up. Conditions not quite as good as Friday, but nice to see VK7DIK coming through and also to get some nice reports from the US pretty early in the evening.


MW0DNK said...

I think this weak signal DX propagation is a whole different level on 40m - VK? Excellent! As I tweeted a couple of days ago - where can you go from here?

I'm now tempted to buy a CAT lead for my '817 and leave it running 1W on 40m with a Miracle Whip and see what transpires!

73, Rob.

Tim said...

Hi Rob,

40m is an amazing DX band - particularly at this time of year! The mornings, just after sunrise is always great into the Caribbean and there's generally less interference than in the morning.

I think 1W with your Miracle Whip on the FT-817 would be really interesting!

73, Tim


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